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Sunsets, perfect weddings, and other myths (some reality too.)

There’s a lot of thought going into your wedding day- perhaps too much. We’ve all seen dozens of TV and movie weddings. They are either Martha Stewart perfect or there is an ex crashing through the back door, someone who objects, someone doesn’t show, fist fights. This gets in your head. It doesn’t happen. I remember one dad who brought smelling salts for when the girls started passing out. Tell dad if he wants to help get there early with wine.

-Myth: The perfect wedding.  I don't know if I've seen a perfect wedding, just great attitudes. If you're keeping a list in your head of things that are going wrong, its gets longer. If you are happy, everything is perfect!

-Myth: The cake was sooo good.  The cake was better at the bakery.

-Myth: The sun sets at an exact time every day. (Find it here!!) It does, of course. Unless its cloudy. Plan accordingly.

-Plan... ?  LOL.

-Reality: Timelines rarely work. Unless your dad is a high ranking military man. Or you hired wedding consultant Maureen Riebel.

-Myth: The florist will bring the flowers I chose. They usually do. But unless you are ordering plastic arrangements, it’s not always up to them. Pick a florist whose artistry and skill you admire.

-Reality: Anything that can go wrong, doesn't matter (usually). I’ve never been to a wedding where they didn’t end up married.

-Reality: I’ve only seen one fight at a wedding. 

-Your wedding should reflect you, not who you'd like to be, or want people to think you are.

-Reality: Radiohead and Bjork never impress the guests as much as you'd hoped. WE WANT DISCO!! (and line dances).

-In fact don't try to impress the guests. They're impressed by young fresh love. Show that often (but not necessarily for them). Hold hands all day.

-Reality: "Sunrise, sunset" kind of drags on, except Bright Eyes' version (which is totally inappropriate).
10 (or so) Truths about weddings
-If your dad owns a cowboy hat he's going to wear it.
-The only thing the groom ever liked about any previous wedding he's ever been to was when the cake fight started.
-Hall beats ball (for fun).
-Ball beats Hall (for cordon bleu).
-Outdoors beats all (unless it's hot, cold, raining, sunny, overcast, humid, noisy...)
-Garter belts were not made for comfort; it's ok to slip it on one minute before he takes it off.
-Anything that gets thrown at you in your exit, you will wake up chewing, and brushing out of all your parts normally reserved for beach sand.
-You will smile more than your body is physiologically prepared for. (It will hurt to smile on your honeymoon.) Work out these muscles beforehand.
-You will need a safety pin, hair pins, an iPod adapter, bug spray, hair spray and one more thing.
-It goes fast. Look everyone in the eyes to help memory clarity.
-When its all over all you have left are memories and a certificate (and a spouse, of course). Take great pictures.
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Tips for working with Deserly Photography
Have fun.
Work with us.      Let us shoot your bridal and engagement portraits, rehearsal dinner and any other events. By the time your wedding rolls around you will have a friend behind the camera who has worked with you and knows how to make you shine. And you will feel comfortable. Nice.
Allow time for formal portraits. Download our Portrait Expeditor form here.
Light    Consider lighting when choosing your locations. I can get a great shot just about anywhere with my flash but I prefer the light that naturally exists in a room. There aren’t many perfect locations but low white ceilings win over high dark ones. Light beats darkness. Windows beat flash. Mac beats Windows.
Outdoors at night can look like the deer in headlight shot if you don’t light well (or hire Deserly Photography). Add torches or holiday lights for depth. To me good lighting is as important as good music is to the party.
Motion    During your exit try to walk and smile. If you don’t want birdseed in your secret spots give them bubbles. If you plan sparklers but run through them like a bolt of lightning, you will be blurred. I don’t like posing shots but it is nice if you stop and smile at me at the end of the line. Its nice to wave goodbye or kiss with all your friends and family in the background at the end of the night.
Spread the word       Let your friends and family know you’ve hired a photojournalist, so just be yourself. They are encouraged to point out moments to us, request group portraits, or any shots, and have fun.
How to choose the perfect photographer
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